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ActiveSync 4.5 not connected

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:55 pm    Post subject: ActiveSync 4.5 not connected Reply with quote

We have 20 symbol mc70 and active sync installed on those pc's that they are connected to. We have some pc's that show the active sync as green all the time (connect) and we have other that are grey (not connected) until you pull the mc70 out of the cradle and replace it. I would think it should be one way or the other. Does anyone know why this is the case?
Tim D
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nothing terribly helpful to say, at least not in a direct sense. But for what it's worth, Activesync is a pile of something smelly, something one ought to avoid stepping into if one likes ones shoes... if you take my meaning. Not that there are a host of alternatives waiting for individual or corporations to adopt. Pumatech used to have something but it seems they faded away. My most recent experience to confirm just how terrible Activesync is? Here:

- I have used (or more accurately 'tried' to use) Activesync since the year 2000, and have seen a lot of problems with it and have researched a lot of solutions, some even a bit successful... so this is not a newbie rant.

- I had started using Outlook and Activesync to backup my contacts database to my older PC, an ancient notebook, for about 6 months last year. This past November I bought a new netbook, an XP Asus 901.The netbook works pretty close to flawlessly in every regard. I demand a lot from the little guy, and it consistently delivers. I have not yet had a lockup force a hard shutdown in over 4 months, which for a Windows machine is saying something. Initially, with the same PocketPC phone (an O2 Atom) I'd been synching with the older notebook worked fine on this new one.

- Then last week I bought a newer phone, another Windows Mobile but one OS iteration newer, as it came with WM6.1. No problem, databases are in the same format between that and WM6... so I deleted the old partnership on the PC, deleted all my contacts in Ourlook on the PC, set up contact synching in Activesync and then after it had synched zero contacts (new phone had none in it yet) I set the rule to 'Always replace the items on the PC.'

- That's when the fun started. I restored my contacts on the PPC using PPCPIMbackup, which is by now a very widely known and stable freeware for protecting one's PIM databases. The restore when as usual and my at that time 813 contacts with all their information were restored correctly into the new phone. Then I synched, using this same existing partnership in Activesync.

- At first all seemed normal. Then somewhere around halfway through, Activesync seemed to stall for a very long time........ and then it tried to sync again, the connection (same USB line to same USB port I had used with my previous phone) never having been broken. When it was finished, stating that data was synchronised, there remained only 214 contacts in my phone.

- Okay, so I've been through this before. I tried deleting all contacts on the phone, synching... and somehow, magically, 572 contacts appeared in my phone after about a 10 minute wait. I checked after this in Activesync Options and found that in fact the rule was still set, to have the items replaced on the PC. How, then, were items, and an incomplete list, larger than what had actually synched before, was now there in my phone? Fearing insanity, I checked using Phatware's dbExplorer, and sure enough there were 572 contacts listed there.

- So again I deleted all contacts, while not connected to the PC, and this time restored my 813 contacts into the phone's memory. I further deleted everything from Outlook, then emptied its Deleted folder, then closed Outlook. I also closed Activesync completely using KillSync (a handy freeware from Genovation) and rebooted the PC. Then I tried all over again. This time there were over 1400 contacts in Outlook by the time it got finished, more than half an hour later.

_ In a last desperate bit for sanity I tried using Outlook Duplicate Contacts Remover ('prayerware' from a good-hearted developer in the South Pacific islands somewhere). After more than an hour it reported it was finished. I still had 947 items in Outlook, the initial few dozen being blank lines, then some duplicates in the body of my contacts. Even ODCR could not save me.

So I give up, yet again. Activestink is a blight, a carbuncle, and it should be dragged behind a fast running horse until it begs for mercy. I hate Activesync for all the many hours of my life it has wasted. I will never again install that software onto my computers, period. Outlook is also uninstalled and will never return. I will use Google's online contacts as a form of backup, in addition to all the various current copies I paste into solid state and spinning media of various sorts around my house and on my FTP server in another location. My contacts list may be small, but it is vital to my business, and a disaster of a program like Activesync and its evil sibling Outlook are simply not to be trusted any more.

Oh, and as a parting shot: I used another little freeware, Pocket Outlook Exporter, with a personalised script for just the contact fields I use, to export my now 816 contacts to a small CSV file in my phone's root directory. Took less than 2 minutes. I then uploaded that to my GMail contacts, and the transfer was complete and perfect. That took less than 1 minute. Activesync has never, in all my years of fighting with that beast, done anything nearly that quickly, even when I had only 100 contacts to synch. It's an embarrassment, Microsoft. And from what I have read in forums, Windows Mobile Device Center is not a big improvement. Not using that slug of an OS Vista, I wouldn't know from experience, and will continue in my blissful ignorance with a smile of contentment as a decision at last having been reached, and a good one at that. Activesync - no more.
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